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Groundbreaking Ceremony

High School/Middle School Construction Moves Forward

High School/Middle School Building Project


Monday, October 22


PLEASE CLICK HERE for map of Temporary Parking for Tinora HS and JH. Please note that parking around island next to bus parking is only available after 3:30. You can access the Field House by going through stadium gate then through gate down by concession stand.


Building Site



Planning Continues

Monday, October 22

Intense planning is underway as plans continue to develop for the new Tinora Middle School/High School. Many new schools around the area have been visited, interviews with teaching staff in their subject areas have been initiated, technology needs are being addressed, a tentative floorplan has been developed, preliminary exterior elevations have been reviewed, and the list goes on. Much more work lies ahead as we work hard to create a building that the Tinora Community will be proud of and will be functional years into the future. Please stop back at this site often to see the progress that is being made as this new facility becomes a reality.


Floorplan as of 10/22/18 and Exterior as of January 25, 2019

Monday, October 22

This drawing shows the current plan for first and second floors of the new two story MS/HS building. Please note that the second floor of the drawing is shown over the existing football and baseball field. The second floor actually fits on top of the first floor drawing and does not infringe upon the football and baseball field. Those areas will not be disturbed.



These are updated exterior views (1/25/2019) of the new building. This is a design still in process and is subject to change.