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Northeastern Local Schools
Northeastern Local Schools


All hunting absences must be prearranged.  Students must bring a note from home and then get a “hunting” form to fill out and return to school before the planned absence. Students must get their assignments before the hunting absence.  One day of absence is the maximum days excused for hunting.  A printable "Hunting Permission" form is available on the "Forms" link.


All fees must be paid or a payment towards the balance to receive grade cards, go on field trips or graduate. If payment cannot be made in full please call the office (419-497-2361) to make arrangements.


Please call in your child’s absences or if they will be late to school as soon as you know they will not be attending or late. It is helpful if you call in by 8:15AM. Please make homework requests at the same time. We also have an answering machine if you call before school hours. (419) 497-2361

If you know ahead of time that your child is going to miss for a doctor/dentist appointment, please let the school know before that day or time of the scheduled appointment.


We use the Honeywell Instant Alert system. You will receive a phone call or an email in the event there is a school delay or cancelation. To modify your information please go to the Honeywell site at and follow the instructions to update your data.



In the event school would be delayed or canceled, the information will be on the three Defiance radio stations. You should also get notified by Honeywell Instant Alert. Please note:  If school is canceled, all Junior High activities are canceled.


When coming to the school during the school day you must press the button to the left of the door on the brick wall to be admitted into the building.  You will need to push the button once. The secretary will then activate the lock release and you will hear a clicking noise. You will then need to pull the left door open when you hear the click.