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Northeastern Local Schools
Northeastern Local Schools


Tinora High School Counseling Department

Mrs. Kim Phipps M.ED, LSC

​Licensed School Counselor

​Grades 11-12

Phone:  (419) 497-2621


Mr. Erich Bailey M.ED, LSC

Licensed School Counselor

Grades 9-10

Phone: (419) 497-2621





Guidance Announcements

College Credit Plus (CCP)

Tuesday, November 15

The annual CCP meeting this year will be held on January 30th starting at 6:00 pm. Location is the Serrick Center at Defiance College. This is a change in location from previous years for Tinora students and families. Due to the increase in numbers attending for this state mandatory meeting, all schools in Defiance county are still meeting on this night, at the college, just in different buildings. Please make sure you come to the right location to meet your eligibility requirement by the state. There will be a presentation by the colleges in our area, and then a presentation by Mrs. Phipps, School Counselor for Tinora. 

All current participants wishing to continue with the CCP program for the 2017-2018 school year also need to attend. 

This is an annual requirement of the students, parents, and schools. Students/Parents that do not meet the CCP counseling requirement will not be eligible for the 2017-2018 school year. 


Wednesday, September 21

Seniors are starting to receive scholarship information in their school gmail accounts. They all have different deadlines and requirements. Specific questions that come up may be best asked directly of the scholarship provider. 


Wednesday, March 30

All scholarships that are to be offered to the Seniors need to be processed through the Counseling office to encourage continuity of current practices. 


Wednesday, October 14

Mrs. Phipps will be making use of the students(11th and 12th grade) district assigned Google mail for timely communication. Parents can be added to the group emails if desired. Simply send an email to and in the body state your name, your students name, and the year of their graduation. For the safety of all of our students you must be listed on their emergency medical form to be added to the group. 


College Information


Finalize your list of reasonable choices. Include at least one “long shot”, one “target”, and one “safe” school. Your first choice might very well be a school to which you are a likely candidate for admission. However, each one of you should include at least one safe choice on your list of colleges.
Once you have narrowed your list of colleges to a recommended maximum of six, you should begin applying. Most colleges prefer students to apply online.
Attend meetings with college representatives who visit THS. Keep in mind that the representatives who visit us will more than likely be the ones to present your case to the admissions team at their college: MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION!
Register for the September/October ACT or November SAT if you have not taken the test or want to retest. Register on-line.
Complete and turn in to your counselor your resume before you ask her to write a recommendation.
Begin work on application essays. Most senior English classes include work on an essay.
Remember that the grades you make this semester will be an important ingredient in the way college admissions committees view your academic seriousness. Your first semester grades will be the last ones they see before deciding whether to admit you to their school.
Decide how you will actually apply: paper application, or applying online at the school’s website. Also consider using the common application which will save you time. Just make sure your school accepts the common application.
Keep your commitment to take challenging courses! Your senior year matters!


Please do not push deadlines. It is to your advantage to file your application early. Most colleges admit that early applications automatically receive more attention because they demonstrate the student’s sincere interest in a school.
Early decision deadlines and scholarship deadlines may be as early as October 15. Do not allow lack of planning on your part to create an emergency on our part. Submit your Transcript Requests two weeks before the deadline.
The college to which you are applying may require official copies of your test scores. Some schools require test scores submitted directly from ACT/SAT. Check the websites of the colleges to see what they require.
Notify your counselor if you would like to be nominated for a scholarship at the colleges you are applying.
Complete a Transcript Request form for each application you submit. Your transcript includes ACT and SAT scores, your grades and the school profile which explains the grading system.


All seniors will have an individual 15-minute meeting with their counselor this month.
Use your college visiting days well. THS allows a maximum of 3 days which will be counted against your exemption, but will be excused if pre-approved. Request the visit day with Student Services two weeks beforehand and bring a letter from the college for proof of your visit.
Teacher Recommendations - If the colleges to which you are applying require a recommendation from a teacher, choose and ask a teacher who you feel knows you the best and will represent you well.  ALLOW AT LEAST 2 WEEKS TO COMPLETE A RECOMMENDATION FORM.
Provide an addressed and stamped envelope with the appropriate college forms attached.
This will be your last chance to sign up for and take the SAT or ACT in this year’s admission pool.


All college applications and transcript requests which need to be sent out before winter break are due in the Counseling Center two weeks before we leave for break. Applications that have a February 1 deadline should also be processed in December.
Since we do not return until January, all Transcript Requests submitted after the deadline will be sent out in late January. Please remember that Counselor Reports will be processed in the order they are received…not in the order of urgency for you.
Attend Financial Aid Night – usually in January
If you expect your counselor to write an effective recommendation for you, then allow sufficient time to process your recommendation.
Request Mid-Year transcripts to be mailed to the colleges to which you are applying.
Don’t ask to drop challenging courses. Colleges could withdraw their offer!


Complete and file your FAFSA as soon as possible. Aid is distributed on a first come, first served basis. FAFSA’s web site is


If you haven’t already done so, visit schools to which you applied.




By April 15, you should hear from all colleges. Use the two weeks before May 1 to make your final decision.
Register for Advanced Placement exams if necessary.
Notify all colleges which have accepted you of your final decision.
Notify colleges who have put you on their waiting list if you wish to remain on it.
Don’t go develop Senioritis! All college acceptances are conditional pending receipt of final grades in June.


Reply to the college you choose. Do not place a deposit with more than one college: it is unethical and you can be dropped by both colleges if discovered.
Fill out a Final Transcript Request for the college you will attend. You must make this request in writing to release your transcript.